Putting the engine back together

Sherman was originally hauled off in 1998 from my parent's house. Some years earlier, the water pump began leaking one afternoon and my dad went to replace it. About three bolts snapped off, two of the three in the aluminum timing cover, one in the block. My dad then used a screw extractor to attempt to remove the bolts, and it broke off. Disgusted, he drove the car into the back yard until he hauled it away.

Below: The way the car looked in the junkyard. Many a critter had made a nest on the top of the mighty Nailhead.



Below: When I pulled the car out of the junkyard, the timing cover had no water pump on it, and the broken bolts are visible. The front of the motor looked like this: 



Below: I took the timing cover off and had the holes with broken bolts drilled out and heli-coiled for $50. Since the cover was off, I decided to change the timing chain. Gross, eh?



Below: Here is the new chain and top gear installed.



Below: Here it is all buttoned up. Amazingly, the same water pump I put back on was the same one my dad took off whose gasket was leaking that caused the car to be hauled off in the first place.

The engine required a lot of work to go from junkyard jewel to highway runner. I had to put a different carb on, and do a lot of maintenance including motor mounts, new alternator, voltage regulator, belts, fuel filter, and hoses.

Below: The motor after it's cleaning and rehabilitation.