Interior re-assembly

Below: This is the interior as found in the junkyard. All of the pieces from the interior were safely stored on a blanket on the back seat, sans some climate control cables that were removed to be put in a Buick LeSabre my mother owned at the time. I actually took most of this dash apart myself in my teenage years out of curiosity.

Below: The interior after tucking a few things in place. Note the aftermarket tachometer in the ash tray and aftermarket LED gauges mounted under the tach. It is a really neat setup whereas the tachometer stays hidden when not in use, and the handle to open the ash tray is transplanted to the bottom of the gauges. If you will notice the ash tray is colored red as it is from my parts car. I did not want to harm my original ash tray when I mounted these gauges. Note also the brake pedal cover stolen from the parts car.

If you ever see a 1964 Buick full size car without a broken glove box door mount, I would like to see it. All of these cars I have seen have the mounting area broken because it was not reinforced enough for the pressure of the glovebox.