Hood fenders and cowl getting refinished

Below are the driver's side fender. All went as expected getting these refinished. The unique color is PPG primer.

Here is the backside. The black on it is where they have started spraying undercoating/sealer over some welding.

Days later, the whole panel has been undercoated:

Here is the driver's side primed and with a black guide coat. It is ready to be hung back on the car until paint prep.

This is the passenger side fender getting worked.

Here it is in primer. The guide coat and undercoating is all it lacks at this stage.

The Hood

Sadly, my hood ended up warped beyond repair. If you look closely below toward the middle of the hood, you can see where it is wavy. I'm not really sure how this happened as I helped the media blaster load it into the car and it was fine then. My original hood for the car was no good, which is why the hood below had come off a parts car. I had to pay a welder $100 to put a patch in this hood when I was getting the rear fender done about two years ago because of a hole in it. With the blasting, I have about $250 invested in a piece of metal I have to throw away. These are the joys of working on old cars.

Hood 3.0: I got the word on a Friday I needed a new hood, and put the word out on aaca.org's forums, v8buick.com, and eBay's want it now. By Saturday night, I had a strong lead on a hood, and it ended up only an hour away from me. On the Sunday following that Friday I paid $100 for the hood below, which is solid. Someone did use it as a painting table as you can see the black outline of whatever was painted on it. The thing about these old cars is body parts are not made in the aftermarket. Had it been a Camaro, Mustang, '57 Chevy, etc, I could have just ordered one out of a magazine. With this series of Buick's, there is some thrill in the hunt. 

Crusty, rusty.

Below is the hood getting worked at the body shop. The whole hood has been sanded, and all the pits are getting ground to get the best surface for filler to apply to.

The hood and fenders are finished. A little over budget but beautiful as far as paint ready car parts go.

Cowl refinished and placed for photo:

On to more disassembly and reassembly. I figure since I have the front of the car off, now will be the time for some detailing.