A/C Under the hood

In the 70s, the Air Conditioning system was removed from Sherman, including the evaporator, condenser, suction throttle valve, compressor, and the associated hardware. My father told me the A/C system was shot when he bought it, and some part of the system had burned. (I suspect hoses). This A/C hardware is very hard to find, but luckily, I had a parts car that was A/C equipped, so I had my own parts, and the blueprints to put them in.

Here is how I started on Sherman. The blower assembly is on the left, with an intermediate duct to the condenser box in the right. Note the reflective tape on the condenser box where the suction throttle valve was removed from the fiberglass. Also, the white is house caulk that was used in the 70s to re-seal the ducts.


To the left is the back of blower plenum. As you can see, rodents lived in the upper fresh air portion, which was accessible to them from the cowl area. The white can at the bottom is a vacuum actuator, which will pull the door down or let it up, depending on whether or not you want fresh air, or re-circulated air. I had to put JB Weld epoxy around the upper lip of the canister, as it was cracked and leaving vacuum. To the right is the empty evaporator compartment.

I removed the blower motor plenum, intermediate plenum, and evaporator housing. Once everything was off the firewall, I treated it with rust removed and painted it. Note heather core nipples in center. These are much easier to get to without all the fiberglass boxes in the way. The opening at the top left is for fresh air, the opening at bottom the bottom is for re-circulated air.  The large opening to the right is where the condenser mounts in.



To the left is the other evaporator, in its case, ready to go on. Note expansion valve shown in lower right corner. I re-used the existing gasket as it was in good condition by cleaning it and using a fresh bead of black sealant on the rubber gasket.





Above the evaporator plenum, intermediate plenum, and blower motor plenum and motor have been mounted. Note vacuum canister in middle left hand of picture below blower motor plenum. Also notice I have replaced the heater hose pass-through with a water valve. I'm doing a good job covering up my freshly painted firewall, eh?

Above, liquid line (shiny line on inner fender) and back air compressor bracket have been mounted. Note front bracket is the top of the alternator bracket.

Compressor in, along with muffler. Had problem fitting condenser, so adjustments had to be made.

Finally all the A/C stuff is in! I had to manipulate the reinforcement bars for the front bumper forward to get the condenser in, as well as fabricate a driver side lower mount for it, because my original had rusted off. The compressor has been belted up and everything turns nicely.