Back up lamp delete

Through my Buick travels, I've seen references to back up lights either being optional or able to be deleted. However, I had never seen this in person. All the Buicks I ever saw had backup lights. I figured this was like the rubber floor mat option that probably only came on Police cars.

Last year I saw a local guy to buy a hood, and I saw the car below and thought the back up lights looked odd. Upon closer inspection, there were none! So, this was my first experience seeing the back up light delete.

Not a month after seeing that car, a pair of the delete brackets were listed on eBay. They are shown below. I assume these have some kind of ears that snap to the bumper.

If you happen to own a low optioned full size Buick, please go back to the main page and e-mail me. I'm always interested to see examples of Buick Police Cars, ones with rubber floor mats, heater delete, etc.